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ugh – forgot to update. I’ll have to do that soon.

My last posted weigh in was in November 2005, but in reality the last was December 19th. I have not gone to any weighin’s since that time. I have also decided to stop going to the meetings.

Yvonne’s status – she doesn’t have to weigh in until January 28, 2006 .. and as a Life time member, there is no cost.

I have to pay. I am also paying for my YMCA fitness membership every month and I haven’t gone since October 26th or something like that. Yup. Time flies.

I figured – I know what’s happening in the meetings. I am continuing to keep track of my meals and counting points. AT MINIMUM – if I at least go to the Gym once a week in the timeslot of the weighins on Saturday mornings .. I will be ahead of the game.

No, I don’t want to pay. This is my 2006 ‘resolution’ so to speak ..

* At least go to gym once a week
* Start with a regular gym routine more swimming
* Continue counting points
* Exercise, and regular weigh ins at home

Once I start losing weight … and stop .. and can’t lose anymore – then I will join back up as a member again and start back with the weekly motivational meetings. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to pay every week. I know what has to be done.

In the meantime, I will probably be posting additional motivational weight loss information in this blog as a tool to help me keep focused – I hope everybody doesn’t mind that!

ALSO – By the way … I weighed myself January 1, 2006 = I was at 257 lbs … I am 6″1 … I think I should be about 220 .. my ‘ideal BMI’ claims I should be 180 … and Yvonne doesn’t trust our mechanical weight register, and think its about 5-6 lbs light from what it really is..


Week 27 – Weigh In

Week 27

Nov 19, 2005 – Nov 25, 2005

>>> last weigh in was November 19, 2005
– Cumulative – (37.0) pounds lost

>> (Week 1 of the “rest of her life as a LifeTime Member of WeightWatchers.ca!)

– This week – ?????????????
– Cumulative – (27.2) pounds lost

>>> Yvonne only has to weigh in once a month.

>>> HART had decided to FORGO weighin this Saturday November 26, 2005 and is switching to MONDAY weighins now .. at 6pm Mondays, instead of 10am Saturdays … Yvonne doesn’t think this will work for me, because it doesn’t give me a chance to ‘digest’ the weekend’s dinner and eatings. For instance, this Sunday (November 27, 2005) we are off for a family birthday party luncheon/dinner …. We’ll see how it goes for me!

Congratulations to Yvonne! She has reached lifetime


Way to go Booboo! ~~

On November 18, 2005 after 26 weeks, 37 pounds lost, Yvonne has made the coveted “LifeTime” Membership status. Basically, this means that she has reached GOAL – that being the recommended weight based on your BMI – plus you have maintained that weight for 6 consecutive weeks.

Benefits for Yvonne!

* No weekly fees of $13.00 CDN
* No fees EVER – provided she does not gain more than two (2) pounds over her GOAL weight.
* Monthly weigh-ins… she has to register one weigh in per month. For an example, she can weigh in December 1, 2005 and her next weigh in may not be until January 31, 2006 if she chooses.
* Yvonne has received another gold Key Charm to signify this event – she’s been placing them on her key chain!

Benefits for HART..

* Yvonne ! ;-D
* I can now switch my weekly weigh-in to another weekday evening, instead of Saturday Mornings … it’s too early – I need my coffee on the weekends.

For those of you Yearning to be Life Time Members too

Please remember that you have to attend meetings … I remember reading somewhere that Online Meetings and memberships do not count.

Week 25 – Weigh In

Week 25

Nov 5, 2005 – Nov 11, 2005

– This week – (0.8) pounds lost
– Cumulative – (37.0) pounds lost

>> (Week 5 of 6 – Maintenance)

– This week + 3.6 pounds gained!
– Cumulative – (26.2) pounds lost

* Memo to self: No “Palatal Restaurant” Stir-Fry the day before weigh in!

Week 23 – Weigh In

Week 23

Oct 22, 2005 – Oct 28, 2005

– This week – (1.2) pounds lost
– Cumulative – (35.8) pounds lost

>> (Week 3 of 6 – Maintenance)

It’s now the third consecutive week of pounds loss, yvonne was asked to add an additional 2 points per day (total=8 extra now) to maintain her weight without losing.

– This week – +4.0 pounds gained
– Cumulative – (26.2) pounds lost


YUP. I had a feeling I’d be up – for many reasons, mostly business related that affected my normalcy of eating regularly and healthy. I did go over my weekly point alotment by 5 points as well. If I were to guess BEFORE the weigh in, I honestly thought I was up maybe 1 to 1-1/2 pounds. I should be back to ‘normal’ by Wednesday.

Week 22 – Weigh In

Week 22

Oct 15, 2005 – Oct 21, 2005

– This week – (0.6) pounds lost
– Cumulative – (34.6) pounds lost

>> (Week 2 of 6 – Maintenance)
After two consecutive weeks of pounds loss, she was asked to add an additional 2 points per day (total=6 extra now) to maintain her weight without losing.

– This week – (3.2) pounds lost
– Cumulative – (30.2) pounds lost

WOOHOO!! HART Made 10% Goal

… and received a key chain this week! Ugh .. I just woke up minutes before the weigh in, didn’t shave, nor did I have any coffee … During the “inspirational speech” Sharon (our speaker) called me up to congratulate me and give me a ‘hug’ .. *shrug* … She also asked me if there are any words of wisdom and what Weight Watchers has taught me .. This is roughly what I said (paraphrasing) …

Listen .. You HAVE to mark down everything you eat and count the points. Then you can make conscious decisions and live with it. I certainly don’t diet. But, for instance – yesterday I was going to go to Tim Hortons for an Extra Large Coffee and Triple Cream and a Chocolate Chip Muffin … but, instead I opted to go across the street for TWO BEERS! Instead of 12 points .. I just had 5 points! (2=light beer, 3=regular beer)

I think the only other GUY in the room cheered and put the thumbs up.

It’s good to have a “HandyMan” in the family!

A big “Thank-You” to Warren (Yvonne’s Sister’s Husband) who watched me watch HIM remove our old cruddy main floor bathroom sink and counter .. I might have been able to do it, with motivation but probably would have made a terrible mess and take about 20 times longer than Warren did .. because I never have the right tools.

Our new flooring comes in on Wednesday morning 8am and they will be working around the clock until the weekend!

Okay .. They will be working from 8am to 5pm, probably, with lunch breaks etc and should be done by noon Friday.

I have already plugged in the extra camera battery to be charged .. I hope I don’t forget to document their progress .. I think it would be good for the gallery here! We are redoing the entire main floor and up the stairways to the 2nd floor with a combination of new vinyl and laminate.

I wonder where we are going to put the dogs ? hmm

Well, we naturally treated everybody to Pizza … I had 3-1/2 large thick pizza slices .. which translates to almost half a large pizza about 36 points … I am only minus (28) into my flexpoints this week … I still have um .. 7 remaining and it’s only Sunday. I have to be good.