Whew! Season Finales Galore

I couldn’t be happier!

Survivor is over .. oh well, didn’t win the pool
Amazing Race is over .. Yay! The hippies won!
Lost is finally over .. I still don’t get it .. it’s getting worse as TV content
American Idol is finally over .. I was cheering for the bald guy .. he should have won

I still watch these with my wife and am waiting for that to be over too!

The Apprentice who cares? (although am cheering for the British Guy)


New Season .. Stargate SG-1 …. WOW! Big Fan, hard to believe it . but I think it’s improved since Andromeda / Farscape additions to the cast .. Definately.

Whew! Survivor #12 is finally over!

Well .. I suppose congratulations are to the winning survivor …

No .. not ARAS who won the Million Dollar prize but, the winners of our survivor pool!

W = Winner $30.00 = for picking ARAS
B = Runner-up $12.00 = for picking DANIELLE

I should note – that with the final two hour finale tonight, it was quite interesting the amounts of teasing back and forth between myself and Yvonne. Her choice .. Cirie .. was still alive at the start of the show competing to build fire with Danielle – who, I have picked as the winner of Survivor since week 2 (Really! It’s True!)

Egads .. I thought the votes would go her way .. but, it’s probably the best .. so I can’t gloat any longer.

Back to normal life … oh wait .. the Finale of the Amazing Race is this week too! 🙂