Congratulations to Yvonne! She has reached lifetime


Way to go Booboo! ~~

On November 18, 2005 after 26 weeks, 37 pounds lost, Yvonne has made the coveted “LifeTime” Membership status. Basically, this means that she has reached GOAL – that being the recommended weight based on your BMI – plus you have maintained that weight for 6 consecutive weeks.

Benefits for Yvonne!

* No weekly fees of $13.00 CDN
* No fees EVER – provided she does not gain more than two (2) pounds over her GOAL weight.
* Monthly weigh-ins… she has to register one weigh in per month. For an example, she can weigh in December 1, 2005 and her next weigh in may not be until January 31, 2006 if she chooses.
* Yvonne has received another gold Key Charm to signify this event – she’s been placing them on her key chain!

Benefits for HART..

* Yvonne ! ;-D
* I can now switch my weekly weigh-in to another weekday evening, instead of Saturday Mornings … it’s too early – I need my coffee on the weekends.

For those of you Yearning to be Life Time Members too

Please remember that you have to attend meetings … I remember reading somewhere that Online Meetings and memberships do not count.

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