It’s good to have a “HandyMan” in the family!

A big “Thank-You” to Warren (Yvonne’s Sister’s Husband) who watched me watch HIM remove our old cruddy main floor bathroom sink and counter .. I might have been able to do it, with motivation but probably would have made a terrible mess and take about 20 times longer than Warren did .. because I never have the right tools.

Our new flooring comes in on Wednesday morning 8am and they will be working around the clock until the weekend!

Okay .. They will be working from 8am to 5pm, probably, with lunch breaks etc and should be done by noon Friday.

I have already plugged in the extra camera battery to be charged .. I hope I don’t forget to document their progress .. I think it would be good for the gallery here! We are redoing the entire main floor and up the stairways to the 2nd floor with a combination of new vinyl and laminate.

I wonder where we are going to put the dogs ? hmm

Well, we naturally treated everybody to Pizza … I had 3-1/2 large thick pizza slices .. which translates to almost half a large pizza about 36 points … I am only minus (28) into my flexpoints this week … I still have um .. 7 remaining and it’s only Sunday. I have to be good.

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