Half A Year Later ..

Well .. on October 17, 2006 it was my folks 50th Wedding Anniversary and I took tons of photos. Two other people took pictures too, and it took until mid-January 2007 to get them in my possession.

My how time flies! Because, it was finally on my ToDo list and I cleared it … I took the combined 163 photos and tried for the first time Wal-Mart’s 1-Hour Photo place in the local Unicity branch, at 19cents CDN each. All and all it wasn’t too bad experience getting the pictures printed in 1 hour.

Of course – I took about 90 pictures myself, and my camera sucks. I would have been only able to take 19-20 or so pictures at High quality (2048 x something) and the other two amateur photographer’s camera were capable of taking 3100 x something … So, the decision was made at the time to take as many pictures at the lower DPI (or slightly above Web Quality) and see everything, rather than just a few choice pictures.

It was an easy decision – then! Now .. looking at the pictures, which don’t get me wrong – it’s not THAT bad … but you can definitely tell the high DPI quality pictures from the other two cameras than from mine.

Well .. you can see for yourself .. All of my pictures started with PA…… the other two pictures started with IMG_ .. or 001_01.. etc


I thought it would be a complimentary Mother’s Day Gift to bring them along next Sunday.