May 21, 2005 – Week 0 – Weigh In

This is how it works:

You first have to pay for a membership fee of $45.00 CDN. For a weekly fee of $13.00 CDN (in the summer there will be a lump sum price that will reduce the total fees), you go and weigh in. For the first 13 weeks, they will give you some brochures and stamp and document your progress in a little book. If you miss a week or weigh in, you still have to pay the weekly fee. I believe if you miss 4 weeks, you have to re-join and pay the membership fee and start all over.

According to the initial “welcome” book, there is a recommended appropriate weights for groups of people. The Weight Watchers Weight Ranges are based on the Body Mass Index (or BMI).

These are the recommended weight goals (in pounds)

YVONNE – 146 pounds based on height of 5’4″
HART – 182 pounds based on height of 6’1″

Apparently, If you reach your recommended goal, you can become Life Members of Weight Watchers and never have to pay a fee ever again. The catch is, that you (naturally) have to maintain those recommended weights, and still attend the weigh ins at least once a month.

The recommended weight goals

What you don’t want to do .. is be considered “obese”. In general terms, doctors tend to consider you obese if you are at least 20% over the recommended weight of your age group based on your age and height. The Obese weights would seem to be:

YVONNE – 146 x 120% = 175 pounds
HART – 182 x 120% = 218 pounds

To start, you weigh in. This is your initial weight. The first goal to losing weight, is 10% of this figure. If you reach it, you get a keychain reward, and you make another goal to work for. This was our official “initial weigh-ins”

YVONNE – 179.2 pounds –> 10% goal (18) pounds to lose
HART – 291 pounds –> 10% goal (29) pounds to lose

This would then follow, that the following is our long-term weight loss goals….

YVONNE – 179.2 less 146 = 33.2 pounds
HART – 291 less 182 = 109 pounds

Well, apparently I am obese. I thought I was about 40-45 pounds overweight. Now the world knows it. But, let’s work with step one – Goal #1 – 10% … and see how it goes.


May 20, 2005 – Yvonne Takes Over

Yvonne and I had some discussions about the email and we both agreed that I should continue my exercising at the “Y” .. I have had a membership since September 2004 and I go when I can (which is not much). But, now I have to make abetter effort to do this. In fact, May 20, 20o5 I did go do a workout and went swimming.

But, during the course of our daily emails back and forth, I mentioned to Yvonne that I had been scouring the website and noticed that there were some interesting recipes.

I have decided that I will lose weight on my own and eat better and healthier.

Yvonne thought that this was a great idea, and it turns out that a co-worker actually used to go to weight watchers. She phoned around, and there is a meeting place at the corner of the “Red Lion Inn” which is just down the street from us. Did I want to join?

Okay. Why not?

So – we talked about it, and the best day to attend is every Saturday at10:00 am. We will start and go there tomorrow, May 21, 2005 and GET BACK IN SHAPE! And, this meant both of us!

This might work better with both of us doing this together. It makes sense.

Wish us luck!


May 19, 2005 – Just Got Back From The Doctor’s Office

Enclosed is a copy of an email to my wife … I wrote it about 3pm that afternoon so the details (as I remembered it) would be fresh and documented.

SUBJECT: Just got back from the doctor’s office

Well. it didn’t quite go as I imagined it. Here’s a summary, feel free if you want to call me, it’s up to you although, i will try to recall everything for my own piece of mind.

My appointment was re-scheduled for 1:05pm – I arrived at 12:56pm

At 1:52pm I started to play with my cell phone settings, and played the “Baby Elephant Walk” song twice … the receptionist asked if I could turn the volume down, and I replied “Is it too loud? It can’t be as annoying as waiting for my 1:05pm and it’s now 2 o’clock…

At 1:55pm they called me and directed me to a room to sit.

At 2:05pm or so Dr. G. came in and asked me how I am doing. I replied “It’s been a bad week actually .. had sunburn on sunday, went to a workout Monday morning and I seemed to have caught that stomach flu that has been going around with a case of diarrhea and – oh, my right eye swelled up to the size of a golfball.

Then, he looked at me, focusing on my eye, and said .. “Ok. let’s look at your results”.

(fine I figured – he has that sign in the office – one symptom per visit – was thinking that I’ll just ask him what could have caused it at the end of the meeting).

He reads me the results of last blood test and I write them down.
ALT .75
AST .51
CPK .119

Apparently, this all means that the readings are “slightly elevated”. I asked him ‘elevated from what?” and he said, ‘from normal’.

I told him I just didn’t understand – was my liver affected? was my cholestrol normal now?

He said, there was some effect on the liver, but just slightly (I take it that’s what he meant) We’ll have to watch it over time. He asked me how if felt taking the Crestor and he’ll write me a prescription for 100 at a time now.

That’s when I started talking more.

I told him that I didn’t like the Crestor, and I found it very discomforting actually, because at night, when I was inactive all I can feel was inner body burning as if trying to increase my metabolism and my legs were quite annoying and I couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.

He said that shouldn’t have happened, and it’s probably in my head.

I asked him … “well?? did it reduce my cholestrol?” he said my cholestrol was 6.48 and my glucose sugar spot was 7.8 … I looked in my notes, and that is exactly what it was last time. I said.. “Nothing changed using these pills?? He said, no those are last month’s readings .. I just tested your liver this time.

He was writing his prescription, and I said – Listen, you can stop. I am not getting that filled. I stopped taking these pills after the May 12 blood test. Everyone I talk to and who I show these results to can’t believe that my doctor is prescribing me pills, especially something designed to be taken for life, before trying other things.

That’s when I guess I insulted him, and he got offended.

He suggested that when people say stuff like that, I should ask them if they have a license to practice medicine and make diagnosises. I replied, they are not asking me to be their patient, they are asking me to see another doctor.

oops. then he wrote something in my permanent file, just like on Seinfeld.

Apparently, he wrote down his new prescription for me… “make meaningful life changes and life choices”. He suggested to me that “listen, try to change your life. Do what you think you can help yourself. Try what others think or tell you to do and see me in 6 months. Will you do that?” And, if your levels get worse, keep in mind that you just lost 6 months of health care and you may not live as long because, you have above average cholestrol, you are borderline diabetic type 2 with your sugar levels, you are overweight, and you should be concerned.

I answered, “fair enough”. And, I scheduled an appointment for November 15, 2005.


Well, that was my email that I sent to Yvonne so I wouldn’t forget the little details.