Kitchen Renovation 2013

July 10, 2013 – We renovated our kitchen and main floor during the month June 2013! A few days of final touchups with the blinds over our back porch doors being installed today – well, we consider this completed as of today! We really like the renovations! What do you think?

Kitchen Renovation 2013 – Initial Planning Stage (9:07) aka “Before Anything Version”

Kitchen Renovation 2013 – In Progress – First Few Days (18:06) aka “Before Version”

Kitchen Renovation 2013 – Final Cut and All The Pictures (6:52) aka “Short After Version”

Kitchen Renovation 2013 – Final Uncut Walkthrough (27:30) aka “Long After Version”

All The Pictures

Although most images appeared daily on my facebook timeline (if we are FB friends you can see them) and included in the above images, I have uploaded them all to one of my Flickr accounts. Click the following link to view them.