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Hi !...These are Hart's Friends ... These are not ALL my friends, but those who are kind enough to allow me to give you directions to their house ... (Shhhh ... some of them don't even know!) Please don't be shy ... GO VISIT THEM! They ALL have interesting links too .. In fact, if I wasn't so lazy, I would just steal their links and place them all on my pages because they are so good!!... So Go Visit Them .. NOW!! ... HURRY!! .. COME ON!! ... TRUST ME!!! .. THEY ARE REALLY COOL!!!!... Sign their guestbooks (tell them HART sent you!).... But ... don't forget to come back ... because I am lonely and will miss you .....Honest!
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Alex's HomePage - 2 (QT)
Albie: Is Anyone Out There?
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BABE - McCoy's Consultancy
Billigan's Island
Blueyes Homepage
Bob's Cove
Bonni Hall: The Official Homepage
Britney Schultz!
BYU College of Engineering and Technology home page

Calvin's Castle
Canuck via Satellite
Cass' Warm and Fuzzy Website!
Chandra's Place
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CherryVodka Publications (Noxas & Cricky)
Chris's Page 'O Stuff
Cinderella is a red-headed frog ! (Scandle:)
Coach's Home Page
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Dan's Cool Home Page
Dave's Home Page
Deanna's World
Desire's African Boma!
Dewayne DeBerry's Home Page
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Eric Hart's Home Page


G-9 Home page
Gary and Deborah's Nifty Little Web Site
Grim Jim's House of Bitterness
Gypsy's Parlor

Hadley's home sweet home page
Harley Mom's Motorcycle Page
Hart Translations
Heikki's Homepage
Heikki Kahkola's Homepage
His Vorpal Sword
Homepage about Wendy Hart
HomePages for the Homeless
HomePages of some People on my access provider

Illusion's Schizophrenic Cafe
VERSUS - INTERNET CAFE - Honolulu Hawaii
Island Hawaii Trivia Page
ITSO's World

James' Home Page
Joseph M. Guarine
Julie's Parlour
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Kally's World
Kathy's Essential Information on Abuse, Assault, Rape & Domestic Violence
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Lacie's Poetry Garden
Land of the Dragon
Lia Loves Travel
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Lynnaea's Lair

Mad Dog
Magnus Assarsson's Home Page (Intro)
Majid Rouhani (G.O.D.) EX_Guestbook of the Day
Marie's Place
Mario Saguel's Music and Midi Page
Marius Kaase's hjemmeside
Matt Lewandowski's Memories of YesterYears
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Mike's Bathroom (Seattle)
Mimi's Virtual Garden
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Mr & Mrs Moon Chua
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Nancy's Dance-o-rama
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NightWing's HomePage
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^NWO^ 's HomePage

Obelix's Home
Olive's Place
Olivia's Page
OSII - The Makarov Domain

Pacman's World!
Page Works
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Rob's Framed Gallery
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Schmelly's World
Shiels Family History Homepage
Silver & Gold Indies
Sledz Homepage
SPECTRE - Talshiar & Red Dawn BBS HomePage
Star Lyn (Diamonds-N-Lace's Lil Ol'Country Place)
Steve Sokoloski's Home Page
Stormy's Simplistic Solutions
Sullivan's Staffing
Surfer Girl's Private Beach
Suzi-Q's Rudest Home Page Ever!
Symmetry Screen Printing Ltd.

Terry Gould's WebStrands
The Pegasus Page
The Rockin' raw indie Page
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Ursula Poole's Art Studio Gallery

Wanderer's 50's-60's Links

WaizFisZ - You have now entered the Lair of...
Webcharlie 's Home Page
Wildlife Waystation - Welcome




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