Sure ... This is a totally useless page ... I agree! But, you never know .. some MAD BOMBER could come and BLOW UP MY HOUSE ... Then I would have to rebuild my music collection from memory "for insurance purposes" ... and will probably get ripped off! ... So Hart's thinking .... "WHY NOT THROW A LIST .."UP THERE" ON THE INTERNET?" If you are interested in the type of music HART listens to ... SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE and enjoy! If not, I advise you to hit the BACKbutton RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!! P.S. The titles in italics are my cassettes, the title in normal print are my compact discs ....

For 1996, I will be placing this "NEW" sign next to all my last purchases .. Check back often to see how "fast" or "slow" I am updating my music collection !!

*Last Update* October 29, 1996

Hmmmm ... as you can tell, I obviously have some duplicates!... oh well ... By the way, these don't include my collection of cassettes that I recorded myself, or my record collection ...
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By the way, you are really visitor number according to The Web Counter since I've changed to a WORKING counter on Saturday December 16, 1995. The previous counter starting November 24, 1995 never really worked .. (It had about 100 visits, but no one knows for sure .. I don't)
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