Victoria Beach – June 16, 2007

Rather than borrowing my folks’ MiniVan again – I decided that I would just take apart the BBQ box and line the bottom of my trunk with all the parts. I was quite familiar with the parts now! And, it fit.

In my quest to purchase online a used Baby Bike Trailer that I can use for the dogs .. I found that they were going fast, and got tired of getting turned down and waiting. We ended up buying a used one from a Hutterite that was in worse condition that it looked like originally, and up close (hindsight – see next week)

Anyway, today was my brother Brad’s birthday and we were combining Father’s Day and his birthday on Sunday. We didn’t want to stay long at the cottage. I assembled the BBQ in about 1-1/2 hours (compared to about 3-1/2 hours the first time) .. and just dropped off the “DOG-Trailer” in the corner for now.

* RESTRICTION STARTS 0:01 FRIDAY JUNE 22, 2007 beginning of day – until September 4th .. meaning that no cars are allowed inside the restriction zone of Victoria Beach.

PS: Yvonne cut most of the grass .. I cut the front part, that leans towards the lake …

PPSS: The lake was still low – and there was about 3 feet of beach.

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