Timeline of the Story HARTandYVONNE

15,000,000,000 BC – The “Big Bang” Theory – The universe is created and so was Hartley and Yvonne’s destiny

3000 BC to 2500 BC – Construction of the Egyptian pyramids at Gizeh

2500 BC – Stonehenge was built

November 30, 1996 – Hart visits Stonehenge

March 8, 1997 – While watching A&E or the TLC channel history on Pyramids, Yvonne decides to initiate a chat with Hartley on PowWow

March 12, 1997 – Hartley and Yvonne met in person for the very first time

May 10, 1997 – Hartley moves in together with Yvonne in her apartment

June 16, 1997 – After Hartley’s brother Brad’s birthday dinner, Yvonne asks Hartley to move in together in her apartment since he was practically there all the time anyway

September 7, 1997 – Hartley sells his dumpy house on Collegiate Street

September 16, 1997 – Hartley and Yvonne purchase a condo together

October 31, 1997 – Hartley and Yvonne moves out of the apartment and are forced to live with Hartley’s parents for the month of November 1997

November 29, 1997 – Hartley and Yvonne move into their new condo

June 10, 1998 – Hartley and Yvonne rescue Zeus (Zeussie the pussy cat) from the Winnipeg Humane Shelter

February 28, 1999 – Hartley and Yvonne purchase Max (Maxxie the Papillon dog) from a breeder, for Yvonne’s upcoming birthday present – No thanks to “As Good As It Gets” movie and the “Westminster Dog Show”!

July 25, 2001 – Yvonne and Hartley’s MOTHER apparently books “Fool’s Paradise and Stillwater Chapel” on a popular weekend with a 150 guest minimum … without telling Hartley!

August 13, 2001 – Yvonne quits smoking cold-turkey and starts chewing Nicorette

October 22, 2001 – Hartley decides to quit smoking and quits cold-turkey umm.. November 5, 2001

August 31, 2002 – Hartley and Yvonne get married in a Medieval / Renaissance Style themed wedding

September 7, 2002 – Hartley and Yvonne purchase Sophie (Sophie the Papillon puppy dog) from another breeder

September 2002 – Hartley redesigns the wedding website into this HARTandYVONNE.com site

And they lived happily ever after ..

August 1, 2005 – Hartley redesigns the wedding website into this HARTandYVONNE.com Blog site

HART Describes … How We Met

This story follows my 1996 European Trip story. If you have not yet read that page, please click and read it first…. // HART

It was just a few months ago in December 1996 when I travelled and visited internet friends in London, England and Stockholm, Sweden. Needless to say, my credit cards, my exhorbant long-distance phone bills and my astronomical heating bills of my dumpy house on Collegiate Street was getting to me. I was determined to be a hermit during 1997, leaving my house only to earn wages to keep my banker and credit mongers happy!

I am a multi-tasker. I remember in early March 1997, I was chatting online with people I have befriended from the internet, in MiRC, ICQ, and POWWOW .. at the same time … I believe I was possibly even in the middle of an online Cribbage tournament game when “somebody” paged me on Powwow. I said my Hello’s and Goodbye’s and apologies, but bookmarked this user CALLIOPE38. A few nights later, Calliope38 was online again, in Powwow and we chatted or rather, ‘typed’ together. Please keep in mind, that Powwow is an “IRC” chat program (“I”n “R”ealTime “C”hat) and it was neat watching someone type as fast as me! It wasn’t until this second chat session – that I realized she was from my home town .. Winnipeg.

I asked her if she would give me her telephone number, and before she finished typing it on the screen .. her phone was ringing! Yes – it was me 😉 We talked a few times over the phone over the next few days – each time the call lasted for several hours. I found we had much in common, she laughed at *most* of my jokes, and sounded very sweet on the phone (translation: her sexy voice and breathing in my ear was a great turn-on!) .. and she was a local call! From Winnipeg!

I found it curiously odd that we were both looking for something (someone) online, and we both actually went out of our way to travel to meet a few online acquaintances, in person… Yes, she seemed very nice. We had a lot in common.

Her name was Yvonne, and her birthday was this upcoming Thursday, March 13th.. I asked her if she wanted to meet me, and she invited me to go out on her birthday. OMG.. (I thought) too much pressure for me! “Why don’t we meet, in a non-date situation, on saaaay… Wednesday March 12th?” I asked… I knew she was having problems with her Win3.1 program, and I suggested I could upgrade her to Win95 and we could talk, meet, and mingle. She liked that idea. I did too naturally, as it pushed our meeting UP one day!

She lived in an apartment, on the other side of town. I immediately left my workplace, at 5:00pm on the nose, giving me about a half hour to get down there. I got there in about 20 minutes. I buzzed her apartment number and said “Hi. I’m Hart.” She said.. “Hi There.. I’ll be right down” and she buzzed me in. Well, obviously I knew her apartment number, but she confused me by saying she would come right down… So, I just stood there, waiting for her — with Win95 CD in my hand.

Suddenly, she came down a long hallway and walked towards me.. “WooHoo” (I was thinking to myself reminding that she was “Local and a Cutie!” .. 🙂 She came towards me and put out her hand for a hand-shake and I smiled and said “Hi. I’m Hart” and shook her hand … she smiled back and said “I know .. I’m Yvonne”..

Yah – that sounded awkward, but it wasn’t awkward at all .. we went up to her apartment and I immediately began to work on her hard drives… ON HER COMPUTER .. (you dirty minds you).. and installed win95. Thank goodness for its slow installation procedures, as you know, and the fact it takes forever at 99% during every update procedure….. we had lots of time to chat face to face and learn more about each other. Well, she let me continue to work on the upgrade, and did I mention that her computer was on a desk in bedroom?

I was a gentleman at all times. Yvonne had to work early the next morning, and we were only at about 40% conversion and it was about 10pm. I offered to stay and finish the upgrade, be really quiet, and hopefully be out by midnite! Geeez… the 286CPU was taking forever, and by 2:00am, it was only at 80% so, I was going to see if I can just crash maybe on the floor next to the computer, or .. beside Yvonne on the Bed. Unfortunately, her HEDGEHOG (Heidi – memo, who just passed away September 2002) started to eat her kibbles and woke Yvonne up, and I quickly pretended to type something on the keyboard and notioned with a sad face to Yvonne, “it’s nearly over.. but .. it still will be awhile.. go back to sleep!” .. I left, and fell asleep on the sectional in the living room.

Yvonne woke me up early in the morning, and we had coffee and chatted. She left for work and I finished off the final installation steps needed before heading off to my home for a quick shower, then to work. My ~get-to-know-you~ plan worked… Yvonne asked me out on that real date later that night, on her birthday. All this time, I had referred to March 12th as our anniversary date that we met… even though it’s a killer time for presents …my mom’s birthday is March 11th, and Yvonne’s on March 13th .. *sigh*

Yvonne Describes … How We Met

Hartley and I met on the internet. Back in February 1997, ICQ was just in its infancy. But, there were other messaging programs out there and a hot program was POWWOW. One night after I had come back from a lackluster date, I decided to go online. One of the nice features POWWOW had, was that it had an option to look for people in your home town. So, I decided to browse and see who was online. There was a name “Hart-at-work” that for some reason, jumped out at me. So I messaged him.

I said something clever like “Hi, how are you?”. Hart-at-work replied with something just as snappy, like “Fine thanks, you?”. We messaged a couple of times and then because it was late we logged off. We didn’t get together again for a couple of days, but when we connected again … we never really said goodbye.

I found out his name was Hartley Singer and that he was an accountant that worked with his dad. The first time he came over, he installed Windows 95 on my computer. He was so sweet, because the installation took a very long time … so long in fact that it wasn’t done until the next morning. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but he slept on the couch while I slept in my bed. I remember waking up at one point during the night and saw him sneak into my bedroom, where I had my computer, to check on the progress of the installation. As soon as he was satisfied that all was well with the program, he ever-so-softly crept out again.

That’s when I had my first glimpse of how considerate and sweet Hartley is. Well anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, Hartley never really went home again. After about a month, I realized he wasn’t going to leave and I wasn’t going to let him go anyway.