Miracle At The Beach!

Today .. lady luck shined bright on me. From an anonymous individual, I was pointed to a person who’s part-time hobby while here at the beach is .. to repair bicycles!

I took my banged up tire expecting something .. but not repair. I thought this person could direct me to a place where I can reasonably buy a new tire and get it out to Victoria Beach as soon as possible.

Lo and Behold, he took the tire apart and replaced the spokes! That was the first cool thing I saw.

Then, he pulled a machine out that attached the tire to it, and tried to spin it. It was all wobbly. Then, he pulled out a little circular device, like a .. mini wrench, and he played with the spokes until magically all the bent tire rim became straight and whole again.

Bottom Line: $28.65 CDN to repair and the tire is perfect and I’ve got a bike again! WooHoo!

I didn’t have much cash on me, as I really wasn’t prepared to think that a fix was available .. but I did have $35.00 cash on me – I gave it all to him. He definately deserved this and I would have paid more .. if he charged me!


What Luck.

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