We Went To The Festival Du Voyageur 2007 Yesterday

We spent the day at the Festival du Voyageur Saturday February 17, 2007

We basically stayed at the Festival Site at Fort Gibraltar

And, Here Are The Pictures That I took .. in the order that I took them. Enjoy

Saturday February 17, 2007 … we got there around 10:30’ish am and the temperature was about -18c with a little wind chill, giving it to about -25c .. but, by afternoon it started to warm up to about -12c. Becuase we were mostly going to be outside, we wore two pairs of socks, long underwear, 2 shirts or a sweater and as many clothes needed to be warm! It was HARTandYVONNE … WARRENandKAREN .. BAILEYandCALLIE and Yvonne’s dad HERB

This is the entrance to the site where Festival du Voyageur 2007 was .. at Fort Gibraltar

Oops! Right! We have to pay to get in .. it was $12.00 per person. There was a kerfuffle, because after WE paid, we found out HERB paid for everybody

These are all snow scultpures outside you will see .. but this Canoe was the biggest I think

We must have been going to slow, as Yvonne decides to scout ahead of us

Wait! Wait! Slow Down! I should be taking more pictures of these Snow Sculptures, right?

Inside the Fort Gibraltar itself, to the Left

Each hut was unique to Voyageur lifestyle .. this was in the Fur Trading Hut

What the .. there are Horse Rides here too?

Herb and Warren coming out of the Prison Tower, on top the back lookout (and nice view of Winnipeg in background)

Back side of the Fort on top of the Lookout, looking over to the Left Side

Hi Yvonne! ~waving

French CBC were there, and I could have been on TV but, opted out .. so I just took a picture of them interviewing other people

Horsie Rides! I want one! I want one! Who wants to go with me?

Nice looking horses

Meet Romeo (R) & King (L). Yvonne, Hart, Bailey & Callie went on a Sleigh Ride. The handler kept saying ~Easy Fellows .. Walk. They wanted to run!

We had to make our own Maple Candy Cones .. they pour Hot Maple sugar syrop on a bed of snow ice and attach a popsicle stick Mmmm

Another Snow Ice Sculpture

Another Snow Ice Sculpture

Another Snow Ice Sculpture

Another Snow Ice Sculpture but with Yvonne and HART in the frame this time

Another Snow Ice Sculpture but with HERB doing his Moose Impersonation

They have this ICE TOWER where people can rope climb it with those metal spike boots and axes .. we just missed a climber though when I took this pic

And finally, we went to Perkins afterwards and this was my meal - the Steak Scrambler with Rye Toast and Peanut Butter and some fresh fruit and coffee

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