Welcome To Our New Flooring! Main Floor – October 2005

Alternatively, this entry could also be titled …

Goodbye 2005 Winter Vacation!

We have been thinking about this for a while now. We moved into our condominium in November 1997. We have not done anything with the flooring, except in our back room where we put laminate flooring in .. the kind that has everything in-one-piece from Home Depot …

Well, this past summer it was time to plan for new flooring. All the reasons made sense, which would include, but not be all inclusive …

* The dog keeps peeing on the carpet in the same general spots and it smells
* It’s ugly! The carpet is about 25 years old
* Vaccuum’ing is such a chore

Of course, good reasons NOT to get new flooring were always in the back of our minds …

* It’s expensive – this time we’ll have someone ELSE do it – all at once
* Yvonne likes the room temperature cool .. (I would have fireplace on all the time if I had my way) .. Am I going to have to wear slippers now?

So – check out our Photo Gallery …. rather than trying to get a good picture .. everytime I was getting coffee I took my camera out and snapped pictures .. it’s all there .. and I separated into three categories …..


Or .. just go to the Main “Floor Renovations – October 2005” Folder

Some Teaser Pictures

We redid the kitchen, that had 12 inch peel-n-stick tiles and extended it into our living room where we normally eat. Believe it or not .. the entire main floor vinyl is 1 piece, plus the stairs plus the bathroom .. I was out at the post office and wished I’d taken pictures of them laying down this huge 1-piece cut

Our living room is sunken, and we replaced the crappy carpet with laminate .. the color tone matches somewhere inbetween the darker ceiling wood lines and the back room original laminate we laid down ourselves a few years back in the late ’90’s

When you come in the entrance, we decided that because you see the stairs on the right, we would extend the vinyl up to the top floor of the stairs. Next year, in 2006 .. our plan is to do the top floor with new carpetting all around, except the bathroom .. (you heard it here first!)

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