Week 3 – Step 2 – Types of Activity

What Is Activity?

Being able to remain active over the long-term helps maintain weight loss. How do you do that?

Pick an activity (or activities) you’ll enjoy

Enjoyment will lead to consistency – and consistency will lead to results.

Look at your schedule

Will you be able to do this activity regularly? Think about months, not just a week.

Consider the costs

Gym fees can be expensive compared to walking around your local high school track or a mall for free. Then again, spending money for a gym membership may motivate you to go.

Evaluate your social style

Individuals who are less social may prefer the treadmill at home; individuals who are more social may prefer the gym. Walking, biking, and aerobics can suit both types. Check with your Leader to see if your Weight Watchers’ location offers a walking club.

The Bottom Line

You may need to explore different types of activities to find the ones that are right for you!

Just as food can be divided into groups based on nutritional benefit, activity can also be divided into groups based on the health benefits to your body.

Aerobic, Cardiovascular

  • Description: Uses large muscles in a rhythmic, repetitive way
  • Benefits: Burning caloriews, improving fitness, and boosting health
  • Examples: Walking, running, biking, swimming, and dance aerobics
  • Resistance

  • Description: Provided by bands, weights, machines, or your own body
  • Benefits: Strengthening, toning, building muscles, and improving postures
  • Examples: Working with free weights, resistance bands, and weight machines
  • Stretching

  • Description: Activities that bend, flex, or elongate muscles
  • Benefits: Increasing flexibility and range of motion, relieving tight muscles, and preventing injury
  • Examples: Yoga, ballet, some martial arts, and stretching exercises
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    Source: STEP 3 “BE ACTIVE” booklet from Weight Watchers .. This is Step 2.

    The Five-Step Activity plan.
    (1) First Things First
    (2) What is Activity?
    (3) Intensity Levels
    (4) Warm up! Cool down! Stretch!
    (5) Make activity count

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