HART’s Famous Chili Recipe

Revised: September 18, 2005 – Pictures added!

We always have chili in our fridge. If there isn’t any chili in the fridge, there are probably a few small Ziploc containers with chili frozen in our freezer. If there is no chili in our fridge or freezer, I go out and get the ingredients and make chili. After you read the cooking method, you can tell that I like to make an evening out of cooking HART’s Favorite Chili Recipe. I also take the time to cut up all my red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers and orange peppers for the week.

Take care.

HARTandYVONNE need their chili!


Lean Ground Beef
LEAN GROUND BEEF – between 2.85 kg to 3.25 kg (110-115 oz range)

Stuff you need
HEINZ RED KIDNEY BEANS – DARK RED – 1 can, 398 ml size
CLUB HOUSE SEASONING MIX – Hot ‘N Spicy Chili Seasoning – 2 Packets
HUNTS’ ITALIAN TOMATO SAUCE – 1078 ml – this is one of those Large cans plus 1 normal sized can

CELERY STICKS – 2 cups – Usually between 4 and 7 sticks, depending on size

ONION SLICES – 4 cups – usually takes 1 extra large WHITE onion and 1 regular sized WHITE onion


cut the celery into thin slices
– Cut the celery sticks in thin slices, put aside

cut the onions into small pieces or chop them up
– Cut the onions in thin slices

You need a good sized pot, and some sturdy mixing utensils
– Put stove top on MEDIUM heat .. you need a good sized pot and some sturdy mixing utensils

Um .. if you have a helper, it’s better to clean up after you :-)
– Don’t forget .. if you have a helper .. try and toss some celery pieces on the floor to be ‘vacuumed’ up! 😀

Break up the beef and put it in the pot
– Add Lean Ground Beef, breaking up as you place in large pot (with cover)

Add the onions into the pot (right from the start!)Mix up the onions into the uncooked beef
– Add all onions with the Lean Ground Beef, mix

When it’s all good and browned, drain the fatty oils and give it a good rinse
– Cook and stir periodically, until all the beef is browned, and basically cooked
– Drain the cooked beef and onions, and rinse thoroughly with cold water (all the grease)
– Rinse clean the Large Pot (to remove all the grease)

Put beef back in the pot and add everything else
– Put all the beef and onions back into the pot back onto the stove top at medium
– Add the Hunts Italian Tomato Sauce into the pot
– Add the two packs of Club House Seasoning Mix
– Stir and mix the content thoroughly
– Add the Heinz Red Kidney Dark Red Beans into the pot
– Add the Celery

Mix everything up together
– Stir and mix the content thoroughly, and repeat every 5 minutes for a half hour … be sure to put the lid on when not stirring

– Give it one big stir, then crank the heat up from Medium to Medium-High .. and leave it for 10 minutes with the lid on .. (this will build up a good little chili sauce)

– Stir thoroughly and turn the heat down to MINIMUM … and leave the lid on the pot

– For 2 hours – on the half hour, I give a really good stir and am not tempted to lift the lid off of the pot.

– After the 2 hours, I leave the pot on the stove, but TURN OFF the stove.

Voila! Large chili in the fridge, and two containers in the freezer
– The chili stays there for another 2 hours or so, when I transfer the chili from the metal pot to freezer’able Ziploc or Rubbermaid containers

– There you have it!


– Makes about 25-27 cups of Chili, depending on amounts of chili or amounts of celery or onions used

– Points Count – 4 points per cup


– Visit The Peppermaster https://www.pepperfire.ca/pepperstore/index.php?cPath=30&osCsid=j8ptcvtlhmou62efbd5ttanma6 and try some of their samplers and gift packs of their sauces in your chili .. it gives it a great zing, or can add a terrificly hot taste to your mouth!

– Although, the chili is delicious “AS IS” …. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “HART’s Famous Chili Recipe

  1. Thanks for the promo… We are thinking of trying your recipe and but replacing the Club House seasoning mix with our Fusion Fire sauce; all natural and the best thing to ever happen to chili, if you ask me.

    Btw, what’s in that Club House seasoning packet anyway???


  2. Well, The above recipe was jotted down on paper while I prepare HART’s Famous Chili 😀 recipe on September 2. Today, September 18, 2005 I have made another batch of chili, and have taken pictures at each stage. I will upload and embed them into this entry shortly.


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