Our Wedding Videos – August 31, 2002


Hartley and Yvonne tie the knot at Fools Paradise on August 31, 2002.
We truly had a blast doing this wedding.
Fools Paradise is an awesome place for an event such as this wedding.
If you are in need of a photographer, we would highly recommend
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See Pictures of our Videographers BERT and AUDREY at out wedding … in our Photo Gallery (In Costume!)

From HART and YVONNE …..

We would just like to say that Bert Debreuil (CTS Creations) and Audrey Aitken (Special FX Video Services) did an excellent videolog of our Wedding, and we are quite grateful to have them spliced up into clips that we can provide to our friends and family to view. If you are in Manitoba and need a videographer for your wedding or event, we highly recommend these two!

Just tell them HARTandYVONNE.com sent you!

IN FILE SIZE ORDER (not Wedding order) – Click on the Filename to play in your own preferred video player

Yvonne and Hartley Clowning around promoting CTS Creations …

Filename: cts_best.wmv
Size: 1,120,095 bytes
Time: 0 min 25 sec

Bert (Videographer) and Doug (Photographer) wishes Yvonne and Hartley (and Max) best wishes on this day …

Filename: bertanddoug.wmv
Size: 3,448,028 bytes
Time 0 min 40 sec

Mark Singer (Best Man) tries to explain why Yvonne and Hartley chose to have a Medieval Themed Wedding …

Filename: bestmanexplanation.wmv
Size: 9,213,514 bytes
Time: 1 min 45 sec

Yvonne’s Brother-in-Law Warren Lavallee (Master of Ceremonies) recalls fond memories of Yvonne …

Filename: emceespeech.wmv
Size: 9,909,865 bytes
Time: 1 min 53 sec

More words of wisdom from Warren Lavallee, remembers Yvonne bringing home another boyfriend .. Hartley ..

Filename: Emcee2.wmv
Size: 11,796,399 bytes
Time 2 min 14 sec

Watch Yvonne and Hartley’s “First Dance” to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong …

Filename: firstdance.wmv
Size: 11,822,840 bytes
Time: 2 min 15 sec

Bette Singer (Groom’s mother) welcomes Yvonne into the family, although she’s been hopeful ever since we met …

Filename: hartsmom.wmv
Size: 13,136,379 bytes
Time 2 min 32 sec

Hartley and Yvonne (and Max) thanks everybody for their well wishes and for attending our Medieval Wedding August 31, 2002 …

Filename: lordandladyspeech.wmv
Size: 16,071,936 bytes
Time 3 min 03 sec

Watch the actual Handfasting Wedding Ceremony on August 31, 2002 …

Filename: hartleyandyvonnetieknot.wmv
Size: 16,274,691 bytes
Time: 3 min 05 sec

Watch a video of Max – at Yvonne and Hartley’s Wedding …

Filename: max.wmv
Size: 17,429,654 bytes
Time: 3 min 18 sec

>>> If you are just scrolling down the page to decide which video won’t bore you to death and give you a pretty good idea what the medieval wedding was all about then … well, this would be the one! // HART

Karen Lavallee (Matron of Honor, sister of the Bride), describes how Yvonne’s like a sister …

Filename: bridesmaid.wmv
Size: 27,197,240 bytes
Time 5 min 09 sec

Mark Singer (Best Man) speech, brings everybody up to speed on the background of Hartley …

Filename: beastmanspeech.wmv
Size: 41,293,417 bytes
Time 7 min 49 sec

A Summary of Yvonne and Hartley’s ENTIRE wedding August 31, 2002 – in Black and White …

Filename: recapyh.wmv
Size: 43,197,549 bytes
Time: 8 min 10 sec

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